WHA Utilities & Power: Strong stock with steady profit growth October 2, 2017 528

Type of business and nature of operation

WHAUP conducts utilities and power businesses, mainly in Hemaraj Group’s industrial estates and industrial lands. It obtained an exclusive right and the right of first refusal to invest in gas distribution business and waste disposal business in Hemaraj’s industrial sites for 50 years. WHAUP’s key power business strategies are to acquire a minority of shares in power generation businesses and focus on becoming business partners with power plant operators in the Hemaraj’s industrial areas. This way it can also indirectly reap the benefits from their competition.

Currently, Hemaraj’s facilities service about 700 corporate customers and WHAUP is running the utilities business in its eight industrial estates and industrial lands. The company’s business model mutually supports growth in the utilities and water businesses. The more it invests in power-related businesses, the higher the water utilization rate in its utilities business will be (the water consumption in the production process of power plant business is on an average 30 times higher than that in other businesses).

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