Transcoal Pacific Tbk: Shipping Black Golds May 31, 2018 337

Company History

  • PT Transcoal Pacific was established in 2007.
  • It specializes in energy related oceanic transport and logistics services.

Main Business

  • Energy-related oceanic transport. It provides services in the following area: Floating crane, Transshipment, Long Towing, Mother Vessel, Oil Barge, Assist Tug and Shipping Agency.
  • Other shipping services including transporting passengers and goods, chartering renting & repairing shipping equipment and others.

Initial Public Offering Facts

  • Maximum of 1.5 billion shares (27.27% of the enlarged capital/total shares after IPO) are being offered to public.
  • IPO price ranges between IDR 110 – IDR 150 per share.
  • The company plans 20% dividend payout ratio if 2018 net income is less than IDR
    100 bn and 25% if it exceeds IDR 100 bn.

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