Sarimelati Kencana Tbk April 23, 2018 908

Company Overview

  • Established in 1987 as the country franchisee for Pizza Hut in Indonesia.
  • Acquired by PT Sriboga Raturaya in 2004.
  • In 2007 opened its first PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) outlet in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


  1. Pizza Hut Restaurant (PHR)
  2. Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD)

Initial Public Offering Facts

  • Maximum of 604,375,000 shares (max. 20% of issued and paid up capital) is being offered to public at par value of IDR 100,- per share.
  • IPO price ranges between IDR 1,100 – IDR 1,350 per share.

IPO Proceeds Allocation

  • Approx. 65% will be allocated for capital expenditures
  • Approx. 35% will be allocated debt repayment.

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