Royal Prima Tbk: Eyeing Expansion April 27, 2018 1726

Company Description

  • Established in 2013 under the name of PT Royal Prima.
  • Management claims that Royal Prima is the largest private hospital in Sumatera.
  • Royal Prima has 2 general hospitals in Medan and Jambi.

Main Business

The company’s main business activities are public health services, polyclinics, clinics, maternity hospitals, specialist polyclinics (including eyes, ENT and cancer).

Initial Public Offering Facts

  • Maximum of 2,000,000,000 shares (47.71% of enlarged capital) are being offered to public.
  • In the same time, company will offer maximum of 600,000,000 Warrant series 1 with ratio 10:3. Warrant exercise price maximum of 125% of IPO price.
  • After IPO, company will record full and paid in capital amounting to 4,192,080,000 shares.

IPO Proceeds Allocation

  • 40% for acquiring several projects and hospitals.
  • 20% for the purchase of medical equipment and improving the IT infrastructure.
  • 20% for additional land acquisition.
  • 20% for development of existing hospitals.

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