PT WIJAYA KARYA REALTY Tbk: Expansion on the Horizon April 27, 2018 620

Company History

  • Started as a business division of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk (WIKA) in 1985.
  • Spun off, established as PT (Limited Liability Company) Wijaya Karya Realty (WIKA Realty) and incorporated as subsidiary of WIKA in 2000.
  • Under the brand name Tamansari, WIKA Realty currently holds 70 projects portfolio in 15 cities in Indonsia.

Main Business

Develop, build, sell, own and manage realty, its facilities & infrastructures including residential, commercial, villa & resort area, office building, apartment, condotel, industrial area, warehouse, agro estate and others. The company also provides realty and property management, brokerage, construction, planning and supervision services.

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