Minth Group (425 HK) Constant positive prospects for the Company’s high-end path March 4, 2020 384

PSR Recommendation: BUY Status: Upgraded
Target Price: HKDHKD 33.32

Investment Summary

New Orders of Aluminium Battery Packs Recognized by the Public Recently, Minth announced that it received Nomination Letter of European aluminium battery pack from MEB platform of Volkswagen Group headquartered in Germany. MEB platform is an electric vehicle platform for the production of all middle and low-end cars of Volkswagen Group. Formally put into use in 2020, the MEB platform costs overall R&D fee of tens of billions of euros, making it one of the largest electric vehicle platforms in the world. Volkswagen Group plans to launch 80 models of electric vehicles by 2025. It means that with electric vehicles accounting for more than 25% of total sales, global sale of MEB platform cars will reach one million sets and achieve ”carbon neutralization” in 2050. The aluminium battery packs produced by Minth include short, medium and long models, matching all B, C, D-level electric vehicles produced by Volkswagen Group. Receiving supplier orders from MEB platform again proves the Company’s leading role in this field. Based on this plan, it is possible for Minth to reach tens of billions of turnover in aluminium battery packs among future strategic plans.

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