Karrie International (1050.HK): Leading Manufacturer of Server Casing September 15, 2017 254

Business Overview

Karrie International was listed in 1996 and the company was listed in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Karrie International has several well-known clients, namely Lenovo, IBM, HP, Konica Minolta and NEC etc. and these clients contribute more than 90% of the company`s total revenue. Karrie International mainly engages in metal and plastic business, electronic manufacturing business, consumer and service business, and real estate business. According to the annual report of FY2017, metal and plastic business and electronic manufacturing business are the largest businesses of Karrie International, contributing 52.9% and 46.3% of the revenue respectively. Although the company has a long history of operations, the company reacts promptly to the market, as evident in the company adopting plant integration and automation in manufacturing, allowing the company to improve operational efficiency and reduce staff cost. These innovations at the same time allows the company to conduct real-time quality identification, monitoring and improvement for its production, improving the competitiveness of the company`s products.

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