JS Global Lifestyle (01691.HK) Global leader in high-quality innovative small home appliances March 15, 2021 311

PSR Recommendation: ACCUMULATE Status: Initiation
Target Price: HKD HKD25.00

Investment Summary
Global Industry Leader with Trusted Household brands
The Company has the ability to create and define market segments. Through in-depth
understanding and accurate prediction of consumer needs, the Company continues to launch
original products, create new market needs, diversify product categories, and establish a
diversified and huge product portfolio. For example, the Company successfully launched a
new series of wall breakers in China in 2016, and continued to extend customized product
functions, including heating, mute, and no-clean functions, thus opening up the wall breaker
market through this new product series, and in 2018 The annual sales quickly reached 196.9
million US dollars. The Company’s Shark products have upgraded and transformed the
American cleaning appliance industry and maintained the number one market share of the
vacuum cleaner industry and the second market share of sweeping robots in the United States.
It can be seen that the Company continues to maintain business growth through a diversified
and innovative product portfolio, continuously launches new categories, increases market
share, leads consumption upgrades, and is always at the forefront of future smart home

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Parker Chan

陳柏嘉先生本科畢業於香港浸會大學工商管理學(應用經濟系)。陳先生曾於「四大」會計師事務所擔任審計員及於香港某基金公司擔任買方分析員,擅長財務分析及基本面分析。陳先生現為輝立証券持牌分析師,主要覆蓋通信以及科技硬件行業。 Parker Chan holds Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Applied Economics) from Hong Kong Baptist University. Before joining Phillip Securities , Parker worked at one of the “Big Four” accounting firm as an auditor and worked as a buy-side analyst in a fund house in Hong Kong. He is familiar with financial and fundamental analysis. Parker is now a licensed research analyst at Phillip Securities and covers telecommunication / technology hardware sectors.

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