Jaya Bersama Indo Tbk: Chain Chinese Restaurant in Indonesia May 17, 2018 1385

Company Description

Together with its subsidiary, Jaya Bersama Indo Tbk (JBI) operated Chinese restaurant since 2003, by opening the first restaurant of The Duck King at Senayan Trade Center under PT Selera Nusantara Makmur.

Main Business

The company’s main business activities are trading (export, import and local) goods and services related to food and beverage industry, including raw food material, franchise services and restaurant.

Initial Public Offering Facts

  • Maximum of 403,800,000 shares (34.401% of enlarged capital) are being offered to public.
  • Company will offer maximum 0.1% shares of paid and fully capital after IPO, for ESA program.
  • After IPO, company will record full and paid in capital amounting to 1,173,800,000 shares.

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