Inovance Technology (300124.CH): New Energy and Railway Transportation Business Helping to Drive the Second Take-off of the Company July 19, 2017 448

Company profile: Excellent Leader in the Field of Industrial Control Automation Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co,ltd., was established in 2003 and listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Inovance Technology is a medium- and high-end equipment manufacturer focusing on the industrial automation control products. The total number of employees is 4,522. The products are widely used and the business scope covers:

1) intelligent equipment & industrial robot core components such as various variable frequency drive, servo system, control system, industrial vision system and sensor,

2) new energy vehicle power assembly core components such as various motor controller and auxiliary power system,

3) rail transit traction and control systems such as traction converter, auxiliary converter, high-voltage compartment, traction motor and TCMS,

4) industrial Internet solutions in the Auto Aftermarket such as intelligent hardware and information management platform. The proportions of the company`s several categories of products to revenue are as follows: the inverter for 45%, the servers for 16%, the new energy products for 23%, the rail traffic for 6.3%, others for 8%.

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