GENERTEC UNI MEDICAL (2666.HK) Transformation of diversified medical service is progressing steadily, refocus recommended February 20, 2020 341

PSR Recommendation: BUY Status: Maintained
Target Price: HKDHKD6.91

Hong Kong | Medical Services | Company Update

February 20, 2020
Backed by the parent company to build up a whole healthcare industry chain group

Genertec Universal Medical Group Company Limited is a diversified medical and health enterprise focusing on fast growing segment of healthrelated industry in China. It was listed in Hong Kong in 2015. The largest shareholder is China General Technology (Group) Holding Company Limited, which is one of the key SOE under direct administration of the PRC central government with medical services and healthcare as its main business, and one of the three SOEs approved by the SASAC with a focus on healthcare industry and a Fortune 500 enterprise. In recent years, the company has continuously expanded the resources of the medical industry, and gradually established focusing on medical services and, surrounding it, developing medical finance, medical technology services, medical digitalization business, medical and elderly care services and medical health insurance in a synchronized manner. The company’s business involves two major segments, of which the finance and advisory segment includes finance leasing, advisory services (industry, equipment and financing advisory and clinical department upgrade services) and medical equipment sales, while the hospital group segment includes comprehensive medical services and hospital operation management services and other business

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