FSE Lifestyle Services (00331.HK) Total outstanding contract sum of HK$13B. Stable natural growth potential. January 31, 2024 86

PSR Recommendation: ACCUMULATE Status: Maintained
Target Price: HKD6.45

FSE Lifestyle Services (“FSE”) are a lifestyle services conglomerate with 3 major business
segments: property & facility management services, city essential services and E&M services.
FSE’s services are being delivered through 8 major groups of companies which include Urban
Group, Kiu Lok Group, Waihong Services Group, FSE Environmental Technologies Group,
Hong Kong Island Landscape Company Limited, General Security Group, Nova Insurance
Group and FSE Engineering Group. FSE offer comprehensive “one-stop shop” professional
services to its clients who are engaged in a wide diversity of projects, including property
developments, public infrastructures, education and transportation facilities, as well as
entertainment and travel industries in Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland China. FSE
clientele includes the HKSAR Government, multinational corporations, owners and investors
of properties, theme parks, universities, hotels and hospitals covering both private and
public facilities.
Core np recorded a considerable growth, with total outstanding contract sum of 10.7B
In FY2023 (for the year ended 30 June 2023), FSE’s recorded revenue amounting to
HK$7,767.2mn, representing an increase of 11.5% YoY. Profit attributable to shareholders
was HK$522.9mn, representing an increase of 4.0% YoY, mainly resulted from the strong
performance of the cleaning & pest control, technical support & maintenance, insurance
solutions, environmental solutions and E&M businesses, partly offset by the effects of a
lower contribution from the security guarding & event services business, a decrease in
government grants and higher corporate finance costs. If excluding the effects of
government grants, FSE recorded an increase in adjusted net profit of 7.5% to HK$445.9mn
(i.e. after excluding government grants of HK$77.0mn from profit attributable to
shareholders of HK$522.9mn) as compared to its adjusted net profit of HK$414.7mn for
FY2022. Basic EPS was HK$1.14, an increase of 3.6% YoY. The final dividends for FY2023 was
HK$21.3 cents (FY2022: HK$24.1 cents) per share, total dividends will be HK45.8 cents
(FY2022: HK$45.0 cents) per share, the dividend payout ratio (calculated based on the
adjusted profit) is 40.1% (FY2022: 41.0%, calculated based on the adjusted profit).

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