DONGJIANG ENV (002672.SZ): Met Expectations with Continuous Extension and Merger and Acquisition April 11, 2018 567

Summary of Investment

  • Result of 2017 met expectations;
  • Further Optimization of Business Structure;
  • Continuous Extension and Expansion to Improve the Business Layout Throughout the Country;

Investment Advice

It is expected that the company`s net profit of 2018 and 2019 will be 601 million and 739 million respectively; EPS will be as high as 0.68/0.83; and the price-earnings ratio will reach22.0/17.9 respectively, giving a target price of 19.38, with a “Buy” rating. (Closing price as at 9 April 2018)

About the author

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Wang Yannan
Phillip Securities (HK)

Graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China with a Masters degree in Management and major in Financial accounting and Economics throughout her academic study.

Currently Covering Environmental Protection and New Energy sectors as an analyst in Phillip Securities and focus on the macro policy´╝îindustry and fundamentals to explore the investment value.

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