Dafam Property Indonesia Tbk: Prioritizing Regional Development April 2, 2018 982

Company History

  • The company is a part of Dafam Group.
  • Established in 2011 under the name of PT Dafam Property Indonesia.

2 apr

Dafam Property Indonesia (PT Dafam Hotel Management)

Source: Company

Main Business

The company’s main business activities are property development, building management & leases, hotels and hotel management services.

Initial Public Offering Facts

  • Maximum of 400,000,000 shares (25% of issue and paid up capital) are being offered to public.
  • IPO price ranges between IDR 110 – IDR 120
  • Company will also issue warrant (series I) with a 4:3 ratio and exercise price of IDR 138 – IDR 150
  • Maximum warrant issue of 300,000,000 shares.

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