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    Could you provide some reports on good dividend Stocks, REITS or ETF to advise my client to buy. Kindly advise. Thanks.



    We believe the US REITs listed on SGX offer the most attractive yields.

    Overseas REITS generally have higher yields.

    The higher yields are to compensate for the risk local investors require when investing in REITs with overseas assets, where the investor may be less familiar with the market as compare to the local market.

    China REITs such as Sasseur (8.1%), Dasin (8.2% – Accumulate), CRCT (6.6% – Accumulate) and EC World (8.6% – Buy) still have relatively high DPU yields, however the RMB has taken a beating due to the unresolved trade situation.

    We feel particularly positive about the US Office REITs, Manulife (6.6%), Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT (8.1%) and Prime US REIT (7.4%), the US economic outlook is relatively positive, in comparison to other markets and the stronger USD works in favour of these REITs.

    However, we do not have coverage on any US REITs at the moment.


    Below is the Bloomberg consensus estimate of the dividend yield for SREITs.

    Source: Bloomberg


    Victor lin

    Hi Sir/Madam.

    Is It worth to invest Lendlease Reit  (SGX Listed Counter)


    Victor lin

    What are the potential in Lendlease  Global reit unit trust?

    At 95 cents per unit,what are the potential from here?

    Over Value ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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