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    Hi Guangzhi, can you expand on Geo’s M&A plans, any targets found or when can it be completed? I understand they are intending to seek an acquisition to boost their reserves for a stated amount and an ROI of >20%. How difficult or easy is it to find such a target given that coal prices have increased substantially since M&A plans were announced in 3Q17?


    – Asked by a participant during Weekly Market Outlook (19 Mar 2018)


    Research Department

    Thank you for your question!

    It is expected that Geo will announce some acquisitions this year. Right now the average market price of mines measuring by reserves is US$2.5 to US$3/tonne. Based on the outlook of coal price of US$40/tonne, Geo could achieve the target. In 1Q18, Geo approached several targets.

    – Chen Guangzhi, Investment Analyst

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