Technical Pulse: JD Health International Ltd November 11, 2021 250


JD Health (HKEX: 6618) downtrend has come to a halt after recent prices broke out of the downtrend line. Current technical is indicating a rangebound move:   


  1. Prices has gone into an accumulation stage after prices manage to stays above HK$60.00 support.
  2. The immediate resistance zone at HK$81.05-HK$85.15 is weakened after multiple testing.
  3. Morning star formation broke above the 20-day moving average of the Bollinger band.
  4. RSI has shown a positive failure swing after it rebound above 43 level.



*Expected timeline of the trade is 15 weeks from the date of report issuance.

*Should price fails to cross above the immediate resistance zone , Major support zone at HK$56.82-HK$61.82 will turn into a double bottom.

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