L’OCCITANE (00973.HK) FY2022 純利創紀錄、經營溢利率上市以來新高

旗下多個品牌包括 L'OCCITANE en Provence、Melvita、Erborian、L'OCCITANE au
Brésil、LimeLife by Alcone、ELEMIS、Sol de Janeiro 及 Grown Alchemist。截至
2022 年 3 月底止,公司在 90 個國家的零售地點總數為 3,068 個(按年減少 20 個或
0.6%)。截至 2022 年 6 月底止,自營零售店總數為 1,375 間,由年初至今,淨關閉
115 間。
在 FY2022,公司進一步關閉表現欠佳的店舖,包括在美國關閉 21 間店舖。而 1,523
間自營店中,按品牌劃分的數目及與 FY2021 相比的變動如下:L'Occitane en
Provence(1,354 間;-35)、L'Occitane au Brésil(65 間;+1)、Melvita(39 間;-
11)、Erborian(14 間;-1)及 ELEMIS(18 間;+13)。非自營店舖數量增加 13 間或

L’OCCITANE (00973) FY2022 NP hits record, OP Margin the highest level since listing

Company Profile
L'OCCITANE is an international group that manufactures and retails beauty and well-being
products that are rich in natural and organic ingredients, through its brands — L’OCCITANE
en Provence, Melvita, Erborian, L’OCCITANE au Brésil, LimeLife by Alcone, ELEMIS, Sol de
Janeiro and Grown Alchemist. As at 31 March 2022, the Company has more than 3068 retail
outlets (a decrease of 20 or 0.6%). including around 1,500 owned stores, and is present in
90 countries. The total number of own retail stores was 1375 as at 30 June 2022,
representing 115 net closings year to date.
The Company further closed underperforming stores during FY2022, including 21 shops in
the US. At the end of March 2022, the breakdown of the 1,523 own stores by brand and
change over last year were as follows: L’Occitane en Provence (1,354; -35), L’Occitane au
Brésil (65; +1), Melvita (39; -11), Erborian (14; -1) and ELEMIS (18; +13). The number of nonown stores increased by 13 or 0.8%.
net profit for FY2022 hits record high, op margin the highest level since listing
For the FY2022 (at the end of March 2022), the Company's reported net sales were
€1781.4mn, representing an increase of 15.8% YoY at reported rates. The business
environment continued to improve as countries in Europe and the Americas began to lift the
COVID-19 related restrictive measures. Retail channels saw a strong rebound in footfall
while online channels remained dynamic. Travel retail, spas and cruise ship businesses also
benefited from the comeback of local and international travelers. During the period, net
profit for FY2022 was a record €241.9mn, an increase of 57.5% or €88.3mn as compared to
restated €153.6mn for FY2021, and a 17.4% operating margin, the highest level since listing.
Basic and diluted earnings per share in FY2022 were €0.165 and €0.164 respectively
(FY2021: basic €0.103 and diluted €0.103), an increase of 60.2% and 59.2% respectively.
Dividend payout ratio from 35% to 40%, with a dividend per share that is 78.6% higher than
it was in FY2021.

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