Report Review of August. 2018 September 4, 2018 418

Automobile & Air (ZhangJing)

This month I released 4 updated reports of BYD (1211 HK) FDG (729 HK) and Huazhong In-vehicle (6830 HK) and Cathay Pacific (293 HK), which got success by their unique Competitive edge.

Healthcare & TMT (Eurus Zhou)

This month I released 4 equity reports, including Yihai Int (1579HK), Anta Sports (2020HK), Fortune REITs (778HK) and CSPC (1093HK).

TMT& Education (Terry Li)

I released two reports on Perfect World (002624.SZ) and China New Higher Education (2001.HK).

Retail & Property (Tracy Ku)

This month I released the first coverage reports of two listed companies, namely Mengniu( Nine Dragons(

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