BANK – Feb loans returning to positive growth March 22, 2018 462

  • Loans in Feb up 0.6% m‐m: In the banks’ declaration of assets and liabilities for Feb, loans swung back to growth of 0.62% from a 0.66% contraction in the prior month. However, the Feb showing was still 0.02% lower than at end‐FY17.
  • Loan growth reported at all banks except TISCO: In Feb, all banks except TISCO delivered stronger loan growth. SCB registered the sector’s highest loan performance in this period with a 1.3% m‐m increase and YTD growth of 1.2%. KKP’s loans inched up a mere 0.62% m‐m in Feb but it is still the bank with the highest lending growth in FY18 after its YTD loan portfolio has gone up 2.48%. TISCO was the only bank that saw a drop in its Feb loans, shrinking 0.09% m‐m and taking its YTD loan contraction higher to 1.16% from end‐FY17. LHBANK’s loans plunged as much as 3.98% m‐m in Jan and it remains the bank with the highest shrinkage in lending in FY18 because although its loan book rose 1.04% m‐m in Feb, its YTD loan contraction continued to expand to 2.98%.

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